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One of the biggest challenges is to make sure that children in a children's home can obtain their school diplomas and certificates.


Education creates knowledge and increases their self-confidence. It gives children the possibility to think about what they want to achieve in their future careers and helps them to realise their dreams!

We are committed to offer tailor-made study guidance and academic support according to each child's needs by working with volunteers and hiring professional coaches.


We organise fun and educational activities and field trips so that the children in children's homes can have exciting new experiences that they wouldn't have a chance to do otherwise.  


In order to study most effectively, it is important to have a quiet and study focused environment. ​Access to computers and school supplies is therefor essential. We help to create a calm and suitable place to study with all necessary supplies.


We organise creative and educational workshops like painting and cooking classes to nurture and develop the creative skills of the children.  

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